13 Romantic Ways to Say Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for the most romantic ways to say “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day” at China’s Qixi Festival, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find a list of 13 Romantic Ways to Say Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day that will put a smile on your sweetheart’s face.

P.s. Before you scroll any further, make sure you’ve read Why Chinese Valentine’s Day Is Actually For Long Distance Couples. Otherwise, the references to the Qixi Festival Story might not make sense!


Sweetheart, today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. So, I’ve sent you a Qixi Valentine’s kiss from a thousand miles away! 

在最美的夜里想你,在最深的呼吸中念你,在最惬意的时候感受你,在最失意的时候知道,这个世界有你就已经足够。My baby 情人节快乐!

During the night, when it’s most beautiful, I will miss you. In the moments when I breathe deeply, I will think of you. In the times when I feel most content, I will appreciate you. And in the times when I feel down, I’ll know that just by having you around is all that I’ll ever need. My baby, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!


Today I will wait for you on the Magpie Bridge. Will you think of me from the other side? Or perhaps, let’s stay here on this bridge forever… 


Chinese Valentine’s Day is here, so I’ll send my love to the person who understands it, my happiness to the person I love, and my hopes to the person who’s waiting for me. And that person — is the same person — who is reading this message.


Even though you’re not by my side on Chinese Valentine’s Day, all of my memories of us are still as sweet. When I think of your smile, I can’t help but miss it. Even from afar, my words of love will continue to flow. Sweetheart, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.


Sweetheart, Chinese Valentine’s Day is here. My only wish in this life is to understand you, adore you endlessly, and love you passionately.


Sweetheart, Qixi Festival is here. I hope that you’ll always be happy — I love you!


Although we are far away from each other, I believe there will be a bridge that will soon bring us together. I will wait for you to return to me forever and always! Sweetheart, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!

七夕节日快乐 bb!让我们在牛郎织女相见之日相亲相爱吧!

Baby, Happy Qixi Festival! Let’s love each other like Niulang and Zhinu when they reunited on this day. 

七夕节里看情侣,无需伤心无需忧。我已将丘比特的小箭偷偷拿来,随这条短信一起发送给你,不需多久,你就可以享受爱情的甜蜜了! 七夕节快乐哟!

When you see couples out during Qixi Festival, there’s no need to be sad. I have secretly brought Cupid’s little arrow and sent it to you along with this text message. It doesn’t take long for you to enjoy this sweet love! Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!


Sweetheart. I can only silently miss you and love you from afar on this special day. I want you to know that I will always love you, and everything about you has got a hold on me. 

从见你的第一眼开始,我就发现我终于找到我的另一半了。我要给你一生的幸福,绝不动摇。My love 七夕情人节快乐!

From the first time I saw you, I realised I’d finally found my other half. I want to give you nothing less than a lifetime of happiness. My love, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!


I can’t forget every good memory, every sweet laugh, every happy journey, and the warmth of having you by your side. Qixi Festival is here, and I want you to know I’ll always be by your side until we grow old.