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Mother’s Day in China

If you’re curious about how mothers are celebrated in China, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Let your love bloom this Valentine's Day with the 5 Most Popular Flowers to Send to China.
Faces of China: Life in Wuhan with Julie

Faces of China: Life in Wuhan with Julie

We speak with Julie, a Wuhan resident, to learn about the city she calls “home”.
Cover Picture of Julie's Grandparents in Zhengzhou, China

Faces of China: Life in Zhengzhou with Julie

We speak with Julie about finding solace in her grandparents' home at the height of Wuhan's 2020 lockdown.
Medium box arrangement of 9 everlasting Ecuadorean roses presented in a heart-shaped gift box

How To Impress Your Chinese Girlfriend: Rose Numbers

If you're looking to send roses to China, there's a simple method you can follow that can make her go, "wow".
Chinese Valentine's Day Card Messages & Quotes

13 Romantic Ways to Say Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

Here you'll find a list of 13 Romantic Ways to Say "Happy Chinese Valentine's Day" at China's Qixi Festival.

Why Chinese Valentine’s Day Is For Long-Distance Couples

If you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone in China, you’ll be glad to know there’s a holiday just for you.