How To Impress Your Chinese Girlfriend: Rose Numbers

If you’re thinking about sending roses to your girlfriend in China, there’s one simple trick that you can do to make her go “wow”.

It’s called Rose Numbers.

More specifically, it’s about choosing your roses by the number of stems in the bouquet.

Why? Because in Chinese culture, each number comes with its own unique meaning. Some numbers are ‘good’, while others (i.e. 4) can mean death — quite literally.

So the key is to find good numbers that also have a romantic Chinese meaning attached to them.

Done so correctly, you can transform a standard bouquet of roses into a deeply romantic expression of your love wrapped in Chinese symbols and culture.

Now, the good news is that you won’t need to spend time looking for the best rose numbers to give. Because here, we’ve helped narrow down the list to 7.

Here are the 7 most romantic rose numbers that you can send to your Chinese girlfriend right now!

7 Most Romantic Chinese Rose Numbers

Single Red Rose

Show your sweetheart that she’s the one with a Single Red Rose.

In China, giving a Single Red Rose is one of the simplest ways to say “你是我唯一”, meaning you are the one.

Message to include with your roses

自从遇见你 你就是我的唯一。

From the moment I saw you, I knew that you were the one.

A single red rose enclosed in an elegant gift box

11 Red Roses

Bring a smile on her face with 11 Red Roses to say, “I will love you in this life and for all eternity”.

In Chinese, the number 11 represents 一生一世, meaning one life and one eternity. So by sending her 11 Red Roses, it shows that you’ll love her in this life and for all eternity. 

Message to include with your roses


You are the person that I love with all my heart.
You are the person that I will love for the rest of my life.

Medium bouquet of 11 red roses and purple 'forget-me-not' flowers wrapped in quality matte paper & arranged in an elegant gift box

13 Red Roses

Make her laugh and miss you more by having her guess the ‘secret’ behind 13 Red Roses.

In China, 13 Red Roses are referred to as 暗恋, meaning secret love.

Each rose represents the 13 strokes that form the traditional Chinese character 愛, for love. So by giving her 13 Red Roses, you’re in fact, giving her a bouquet with ‘love’ hidden in the number of roses.

Message to include with your roses


Sweetheart, I’ve sent 13 Red Roses to hold. Each rose represents a message that I carry in my heart. Can you guess what it is?

19 Red Roses

Show her with 19 Red Roses that your love is here to stay.

In Chinese, 19 (shí jiǔ) sound like 永久 (yǒng jiǔ), meaning everlasting. Thus by giving your sweetheart 19 Red Roses, it shows her that even if you live away, your love is here to stay.

Message to include with your roses


I will be with you, by your side, forever and always.

Medium bouquet of 19 red roses that features a heart-shaped wreath wrapped in matte paper

33 Red Roses

Forget “until death do us apart” and send her 33 Red Roses instead!

In Chinese, 33 (sān shí sān) sounds like “三生石” (sān shēng shí), which is the famous Three Lives Stone in West Lake, Hangzhou China.

According to Buddhism, this stone represents the core belief that a person has three lives: past, present and future. All intertwined in a cosmic-like circle.

So by giving 33 Red Roses shows her that (1) your love will never die. (2) Instead, it’ll be reborn into a new body (3) Like déjà vu, your love will find its way back to her in your future lives.

Message to include with your roses:


I love you; from dusk till dawn, winter to spring, a second to a lifetime, in an infinite loop that never ends.

Medium bouquet of 33 premium red roses wrapped in quality matte paper

99 Red Roses

Show that your love is a testament to time with 99 Red Roses.

In China, the number 99 refers to the idiom ‘天长地久’ meaning enduring as the universe. So by giving 99 Red Roses, it’ll show her that your love will last until the end of time as long as there is life on earth.

Message to include with your roses


Sweetheart, believe me when I say that I will love you for the rest of my life, for better or for worse, until your hair is white with age. Forever and always.

Large bouquet of 99 premium red roses wrapped in quality matte paper

100 Red Roses

Let her know you’ll give her 100% of your love with 100 Red Roses.

In China, giving 100 Red Roses to the woman you love shows that she deserves nothing less than 100% of your love.

Message to include with your roses


I’ll wait for you with all my heart, giving you 100% of my love. Although it’s hard to see you while you’re thousands of miles away — no matter where you go, our hearts will always beat as one.

Large bouquet of 99 premium red roses wrapped in quality matte paper

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